Studio Availability and Prices

Link to availability calendar at bottom of page.

  Included in studio hire is use of models changing room with iron, hair dryer and curlers. All lighting equipment and remote triggers. No added extra unless you use effects equip.
Tea, coffee and use of microwave is complimentary and there are toilet facilities
   Free expert help and advise is available whilst hiring studio.

Premises consists of studio, reception, dressing room, kitchen area on ground floor.

Upper floor has own entrance wc, boudoir studio, wet set, theme set and dressing room.

Each floor can be hire separately at rates below.

In the future there will be a shower and wc  fitted on ground floor.

  All rates are for between the hours 10am to 8pm 7 days a week
  Studio is available 24/7, but unsociable hours at a higher rate
  Rental includes use of all coloured paper, white, grey and black vinyl, green chromakey and selection of muslins, scenic backgrounds as well as choice of bed linen and material.

Selection of studio lighting equipment is listed on "The Studio" page.


Hire rate of Main Studio and use of upper floor (Boudoir & Schoolroom)

A £5 booking fee is included (non returnable if booking is cancelled or changed)

2 hours £45        3 hours £60          4 hours £75         8 hours £130

Use of wet room is £20 extra

When using the wet room it is possible to use shower gel or bath foam, however if other fluids such as oil or milk are to be used there is a surcharge of £15 for session because it's much harder and takes far longer to clean up the system afterwards.

  I need know when booking studio if wet room will be required  so that it is prepared on the day.

Weekend hire minimum of 3 hours £60

Whole premises for Club or group use

 3 hours £90         4 hours £110         8 hours £200

Extra surcharge for other fluids in wet room apply

If traveling by train to Bridgend it may be possible to collect

and return to station for £20 (taxi is nearer £25 each journey)


Location shoot "bad weather" insurance booking.

The studio can be reserved in case of bad weather during all or part of arranged location shoots in South Wales. It is good to know there is a dry, warm studio waiting if needed.

2 hours £10            3 hours £14          4 hours £17         8 hours £30

Example. Booked 4 hrs at cost of £17 because of rain studio used for 2 hrs.

Cost £45 for 2 hours used plus £10 for 2 hours not used but booked less

£17 already paid.



  Studio extras per session  
  Effects machines --- Smoke, Foam, Snow and Bubble £5 each for session  
  Damaged or dirty paper backgrounds. £2.50 per foot discarded
  Damaged equipment repair or replaced at cost.  

Please note I require to see the I.D. of a model that may under 18

Any model 17 or younger must be accompanied by parent

If the calendar shows availability then you can booked by email to

A deposit for the studio hire or any events  can be made by PayPal even if you do not have an account

To make a deposit please email me at and I will send a PayPal request

to the email address you have used. You can then pay using PayPal from either your PayPal account

or with a debit or credit card.

Deposits and cancellations policy

If booking a studio day with model deposit of £20 for one hour and £40 for two hours is required

If your booking is cancelled less than  4 days before event then deposit is non-refundable.

If you "no show" for a studio day you will be invoiced for the balance of your booked time.

When booking studio hire a deposit of £10 for 2 or 3 hours is required and £20 for half day or more.

If cancelled more than 36 hrs beforehand deposit is returned less £5 booking fee. If cancelled more than 6

  hours before then no refund is available, however it may be used (less £5 booking fee) to reschedule booking.

If cancelled less than 6 hours before booked time then deposit is forfeited.

If your model is a no show then you will be charged £15 which covers my costs.

If cancelling your booking with less than 3 hours to go it must be done by telephoning me directly

as I may not immediately see any text or email sent.

Numbers to call are 0165 6871 666 or 0791 905 4958

For studio availability see calendar HERE (opens in new window)